Thursday, January 22, 2015

What the stars foretell for 2015 with Astrologer Chad C. Meek

Would you like to know what 2015 astrology predictions are
to help you plan your entire year 2015 in advance? Would you like to have the
ability to carve a beautiful future? Some say, you can change your future too!!!
Obviously, you can't change it totally, but it’s your choice to plan for a
better year. We all wish to lead a better life, sometime an Astrology can
contribute a little to your efforts for making the entire year beautiful.
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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my guest Chad C. Meek.
Chad is a multifaceted astrologer that has been helping clients over the last
25 years. 
His specialty has been in financial astrology and has
consulted for business people for over two decades.
Currently he is involved with the production of “Giant Rock
The Movie” a feature film that many are now calling “The Greatest Story Never
Told” and the companion book “Giant Rock”. 

Chad said: “2015 will be a challenging year for everybody so
wear your seatbelt and enjoy the ride”. “Set reasonable goals and have
YOU”. I love that! Thank you Chad for this great point.
Let's have some fun and begin with the predictions for 2015.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Note to 2015! Moving forward with ease in 2015!

Note: Welcome the New Year!

To: 2015

From: Rea Wilke

May words flow freely to express my infinite love and gratitude!
May my world be an amazing in every way possible!
May success finds me in everything I do today and everyday thereafter this wonderful year!
May love always find its way into my life!
May joy and happiness continue to bless our lives in every aspect of it!
May peace reside in my heart, mind and in the world!
May all my wonderful dreams come to life!
May I continue to believe in myself and my ability to become the person that I admire the most!
May I have the ability to imagine and to live a great life in good health and in good prosperity!
May I claim all the best wealth that life has to offer!

I move forward this year with ease, love & success! Every step I take is moving me in the right direction. I will continue to be grateful for all the lessons learned. I will continue to do the best to be true to myself and others! Amen! So it is!!!

I love you 2015! Thank you for this great year ahead! 

I am Divine love, I am Divine love, I am God's presence manifest in my mind, body, feelings, actions and thoughts! 

Infinite Love & Gratitude

Rea Wilke

CEO/Founder/President @ Your Life Now, LLC

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy amazing New Year, New Day and New moment

Celebrate each day as brand NEW day this year! 

There is something about the word NEW that puts a smile in our hearts! Having a new year brings out these positive, loving emotions. We get excited, we make resolutions for the New Year, but the excitement doesn't last that long.
I compare the New Year to something new we just bought. Especially something that we want (thought we needed it), the excitement fades away and the new is no longer new and the excitement is gone. So how do you keep yourself happy and excited throughout the year? It's very simple, Here is how:

-Treat every day this year as a brand new day!

-Treat every moment as brand new moment, and you'll be sure to stay happy and excited everyday this year!

-Set goals instead of resolutions, hold yourself accountable for those goals and have fun making and accomplishing them.

-Ask for help when you need help.

-Help someone else who needs help.

-Practice good leadership.

-Live by choice and stay present.

You see how easy it is to be happy and excited about every brand new day this year. Happy amazing New Year, New Day and New moment. ~Coach Rea

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Special Christmas Cheers-From my family to yours Merry Christmas

It's this time of the year when a lot of magical things happen. I like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I wish you happiness! May your life be filled with joy and happiness! Wishing you love on this joyous day and throughout the New Year. May your life be filled with all that your heart desires!  Wishing you peace! May the New Year brings you peace and tranquility! I wish you prosperity on this Cheerful day and throughout the year ahead. May your life be filled with all the things your heart desire. Wishing you friendship! Wishing you all the friendship that your heart desire, today and in every Christmas thereafter. May you enjoy each other! Wishing you the joy of giving and gratitude! May your heart be filled with joy! And may you have a grateful heart. Wishing all the blessings. May the light of love shines upon you! And may your life be filled with Kindness toward yourself and others. I hope the New Year will bring you many days of happiness and all that your heart desires.

From my family to yours Merry Christmas.

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy this Xmas cheers! XO #CoachRea

Monday, November 24, 2014

The 5 most important things to be THANKFUL for

  1. Be THANKFUL for your life, for every day you are alive to be yourself and to learn a better way to be in service to yourself and others.
  2. Be THANKFUL for yourself, for the true person you are. And since everyone else is taken, it's best to be yourself and no one else. Be THANKFUL for that wonderful person that is YOU.
  3. Be THANKFUL for the health you have and the health you want to have. Remember everything is relevant. Your worse can be someone else's best. Don't take it for granted, be thankful for it.
  4. Be THANKFUL for your freedom. If you are free to breathe the air and to have a voice, you are free.
  5. Be THANKFUL for the people in your life, especially the people who helped you along the way. Remember every person that you come to know, shows up in Your Life for a reason. Whether you get to know that reason or not, be thankful for their present in your life.
There are so many things to be THANKFUL for, but the most important thing is to recognizing there are so many things to be thankful for no matter what.
I count my blessings every day and I recognize how much I have to be thankful for.
Please do me a favor, don’t forget you are alive and you have the opportunity to do something good with it and BE THANKFUL for it.
May your home and business be blessed with happiness and prosperity and your heart filled with love and JOY. May you have many things to be THANKFUL for, today and everyday thereafter.
Happy Thanksgiving
Rea Wilke

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to Become a Super Salesperson- My interview on Big Game Selling Radio show

Did you know, no matter what you do in life, you are selling or buying? Mastering the skill of sales can help you succeed in all different aspects of your life. What is the connection between Self-Esteem and success? What is the difference between the champion and the winner? “A champion knows how to win and knows how to lose gracefully. A winner, on the other hand knows how to win but doesn't know how to lose and requires a lot of assistance in getting back up.”

We live in the age of marketing and competition. What is the use of a quality products if you are unable to sell it? Moreover, there is so much competition in market that you can’t even sell a quality product easily. The world of business is changing fast. Unless you are able to adjust with the new trends, and mold your techniques accordingly you will find it very difficult to get success. However, you needn't worry. We are sharing some helpful tips to help trasform you into a SUPER SALESPerson.
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